Hodowla owczarka środkowoazjatyckiego

Central Asian Shepherd dog

It is one of the breed which belongs to branch of Pinscher and Schnauzer, but as well molossers and Swiss shepherd’s dogs. According to taxonomy it is classified in section of molossers with mountain type. buran, owczarek środkowoazjatycki, Sławomir Matwiej

Origin and utility

According to various sources it might be said that Asian is the oldest breed in the world. We cannot determine the exact time of beginning of that breed, however scientists claim Asian to have been known for approximately 4000 – 5000 years. One of the theory says Asian to be the protoplast of nowadays Tibetan Mastiff dog, whereas the other claim Mastiff originated from Asian. However both theories were not exactly confirmed. Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kirgizia are its natural habitat. Asian was used as a guardian of the flock which belonged to Central Asia people. Nowadays however, we observe that Asian is no longer used in this role due to the fact of vanishing shepherd’s style of life in indigenous regions. Asian was also appreciated in a work with human, for instance: duty in the Police.

Curious details

It is widely known that we can encounter various types of that particular breed, they are different due to their build, coloring and hair structure. Another fact which should be emphasized at this point is their astonishing harsh weather condition durability. On step regions in order to acquire dog which is faster and less heavy people crossbreed Asian with Sighthound and Sheep-dog.


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