Hodowla owczarka środkowoazjatyckiego

How did you get interest In this breed?

Hodowla owczarka środkowoazjatyckiego - Sławomir Matwiej I suppose it is a family trade, since I remember I always had a contact with dogs. It was my grandfather in fact who had a St. Bernard's dog’s farm. It was approximately twenty years ago when I saw for the first time Caucasian Shepherd Dog, at that time I remember I was totally astonished by this breed, nonetheless, the real object of my admiration was Central Asian Shepherd dog, I was fascinated with their history and their capabilities. In my humble opinion Central Asian Shepherd dog is super natural breed.

Since when do you have the farm?

The beginnings of my farm mightHodowla owczarka środkowoazjatyckiego - Sławomir Matwiej be estimated at 80s, it was the time when I started to breed Caucasian Shepherd Dogs. In fact, they were not purebred dogs – I used them only as shepherd’s dogs. However the farm of Central Asian Shepherd dogs I have already for eight years.

Is there a dog in your farm which might be called favorite?

Well I try as I might to be just and treat them equally, I am far from giving them marks and putting them on the first, second and third place of podium, as far as I am concerned all of them are my number one. However, it is vital to say that some of them need more attention and care than others.

Drawbacks and virtues of the farm?

Virtues of the professional farm is first of all satisfaction when my dog has been noticed and awarded with a prize while performing on conformation show or breed show. My heart is full of joy when I see a dog which was bred in my farm and now it has another owner and still is being awarded. Second of all it is a work which helps to set one's mind at rest, it really ease the stress. What is more, breeding dogs is a rewarding job due to the fact that dog is a creation which is able to show gratitude and is never fake. As far as drawbacks are concerned, it is important to say that the worst moment in my farm is the time when I have to farewell with a dog, which is not only connected with the purchase and change of the owner, but with health malfunctions and disorders of the dog. Last but not least is jealousy and resentment of other dog breeders that cannot play fair.

What special features one’s should have in order to be a good breeder?

First of all you should be acquitted with the history of a particular breed,Hodowla owczarka środkowoazjatyckiego - Sławomir Matwiej it is very important to know what conditions are required by particular breed as well. It would be a reasonable move if you do a little research among fellow breeders. Character match is also very important, you have to be sure they are not contradictory. For instance while breeding Dachshund you have to behave in a particular way, whereas while breeding Central Asian Shepherd dog you have to act in another way it is all matter of what breed you want to work with. Asian is equipped with a specific psyche, it is a kind of dog which does not require a special care, everyday’s grooming or a strict diet. The most important is space, you cannot keep it enchained in the cage – it is impossible.

In the past those dogs were breed in order to look after the flock, what is their role nowadays?

I am pretty convinced that only in their indigenous environment we might find them still being used as a help of a shepherd. However, nowadays they play various roles; they might be used as a guardian on one’s property whereas else might treat them as a mascot. What comes into my mind is striking moment during this year breed show when I spot in a crowd a lady with Asian; she was precisely cutting it’s fur, diligently combing and using deodorant.

What is your attitude towards people who breed dogs in order to put them into fight?

Well to be honest I believeHodowla owczarka środkowoazjatyckiego - Sławomir Matwiej that what makes us different from animals is the fact that beside brain we have mind as well. People unfortunately excelled in taking advantage of everything what might bring them money - including dog’s fight. People might be ruthless and use Asian’s dog with premeditation to put them into fight. Looking on the background of that particular breed we are aware that Asian dog was tranquil and did not use to kill without purpose, however, people after noticing available profits coming from the fights, trained and crossbred Pitbull with Asian in order to create a perfect warrior. Just to be clear, I want to point out that my dogs did not and will never take part in such precedents like dog’s fights.

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