Hodowla owczarka środkowoazjatyckiego

The last savage dog

Since his childhood h e is equipped with love towards animals. He claims that dog is the best friend of a man.buran, owczarek środkowoazjatycki, Sławomir Matwiej He has been working now with dogs for almost over a decade, his adventure as a dog breeder has started with Caucasian Shepherd dog, and nowadays – for a longer period of time – with Central Asian Shepherd dog. A farm located in Wohyn, led by Slawomir Matwiej is the farm which is nothing to be shame about, and might compete with the most famous dog farms in our country.
   Central Asian Dog is a decent size animal. An adult male reaches to 65 cm which is its minimal height, whereas female is moderately lower. Our attitude towards these dogs should not be based on their appearance and build, reading some basic information about these dogs we might be kindly surprised by their tranquilness, even-tempered character and friendly nature. What is more they are equipped with outstanding durability and alertness. As far as nourishment is concerned it is important to point out the fact that Asian requires far less amount of food than Great Dane for instance. Matwiej’s farm nowadays consists of nine dogs and obviously is registered in The Kennel Club. While being in Wohyn be sure to visit Slawomir Matwiej’s farm, all visitors will be positively surprised by ambient, harmony and order. Needless to say that all dogs live in a perfect condition. According to Matwiej, if you are interested in purchase of a dog from a farm it is reasonable to examine condition in which animals are held. What he also emphasizes and what is his nightmare is the fact that more and more people nowadays are breeding dogs mere for money reason not paying special attention on condition in which animals live.

Why Central Asian?

Breeder Matwiej emphasizes that Asian is unusual and quite specific dog – as the most important fact he emphasizes that Asian is not a resultburan, owczarek środkowoazjatycki, Sławomir Matwiej of crossbreeding but of mother nature. Asian is assumed to be the oldest breed in the world, according to scientists, Asian had been known for over five thousand years. Many times Asian is called the last savage dog in the world. They have capability to adjust themselves to conditions in which they live, and they can bear a lot.
    Matwiej’s biggest dream is to import a puppy from Turkmenistan – as he says “Breeding of these dog has a positive influence on my life”. He might be really proud of his farm, each year there appears a new litter, and since past few years Matwiej’s dogs are awarded high position in various breed shows. All these factors are determinants of his good hard work. What is more, he attends various breed shows; the last time he took part in the competition was in Lithuania. As he admits he was totally surprised by their organization, location, the size of a rink and ambient. Poland could take inspiration from Lithuania in this matter. Dogs were assessed by the most famous and known experts of that particular breed. Each breeder had an opportunity to ask a question to an expert and listen various advice. Farmers were informed about their strong points in breeding, as well as what to do in order to improve their weak points.
   Matwiej approaches his each dog individually, at the moment of selling a puppyburan, owczarek środkowoazjatycki, Sławomir Matwiej he signs a contract in which is stipulation which says that he has right not only to be informed of the condition of the sold dog, but also has a right to visit a dog in its new place of living. Additionally, at the same time he takes complete responsibility in the matter of future defect – due to the fact that it is impossible to predict dog’s problems while it is still a puppy. The most common and widespread problem among this breed is a problem connected with a hip, commonly called hip dysplasia. Not being cured in a time, dysplasia might cause disqualification a dog from taking part in breed shows. A breeder from Wohyn, emphasizes that breeding of dogs for him is definitely something more than mere a way of earning money, it is his life passion. The only profit and reward he gets in return for his work, care and attending breed shows is the gratitude of the dogs, not money. Whereas other people might concern dogs breeding a profitable business, generally speaking, his budget due to the fact of daily needs of the dogs and attending breed shows, is far from being balanced. What is more Matwiej gets a lot of letters and e-mails from people who had bought dogs from his farm, they write in order to express their gratitude and thankfulness – it is also rewarding. With many of these people he stays in constant contact, he is really strongly attached to his dog. He stresses out that a person who wants to start his adventure with dogs as a breeder needs to have strict predispositions and specific traits of character. “Not everyone might be a breeder. That is because it is a man who shapes character of an animal. It is also a man that has a mind and will, though, not every man has excelled in using them in a right way.“– summarizes Slawomir Matwiej.

©2009 Robert Głodek